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A Sermon on Church History by W.C. Arnold
Attributes of God - Is God Unfair. All 4 Parts - Author Unknown
Atonement - John Gill, J.C Philpot and S.A. Paine
Black Rock Address 1832
Entire Collection - Works of Flavius Josephus
Debates - Misc - William Gadsby Everlasting Task for Arminians & W.J. Berry Will Billions Die?
Eschatology - 70th Week of Daniel - 4 Parts by Elder Joe Holder Plus 4 Other Misc Arguments
Experiences of Grace of various Baptist Disciples - 9
Fifty Years Among The Baptist by David Benedict
Fox's Book of Martyrs
Genealogy - Sixteen Ancestors by Harold Hunt - & Romance of Bible Chronology by Martin Anstey
Hassells History of The Church of God
Hymn Time Series by J. C. Yoakum      Mid 1970's  Georgia Radio Program 
MP3 A Cappella Hymns.    Approximately 1000                                                      
MP3 Sermons by Elder Sonny Pyles - Approximately 295                                                   
MP3 Sermons of Various Elders also in WMV format - Approximately 375
MP3 King James Bible Narrated by Stephen Johnson
MP3 King James Version A Cappella Scripture Songs     Approximately  150          
Word of God - Keeping The Authorized Version by JC Philpot & Correction or Corruption - Elder Bill Mosley