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If you would like to be notified when I upload new sermons, whether they are uploaded to this site or any other, please let me know by sending your email address to  

Some of the ministers you see in the left column are ones I have been updating in the past.  I have not put new sermon links in them for a good while.  I am not adding any more to them, UNLESS I have put new sermons by them on this site itself.  I AM going to just alphabetically list those that are on this site at the beginning of each listing, separating them by a red line from the rest and leave the old ones below the red line because those links should still link to sermons I have uploaded to other places.  If nothing is below the red line then they are new additions to this site. In addition, any other preachers that I have put on this site, I will add their names on the left as I add them.
I have completely removed the PDF files that were listed at the bottom of this home page.
Just remember that I have other sermons than the ones listed here which can be found in the SwordSearcher bible program module which I created.  It is the most complete thing I have for sermon links, which I keep up to date, AND it has ministers sermons that are not on this site.  It is a module I have created for SwordSearcher and has a lot of preachers listed links which you will not find on this site.  It is especially good IMO in that if there is a scripture reference I had for the sermon, you can search inside SwordSearcher for that text and it will bring up the sermon and show who preached it and you can go to that sermon by just clicking on the link.  SwordSearcher costs about $65.00 and can be obtained at - if you want, you can download a trial version of it and you can get all the Primitive Baptist modules I have created through the years for SwordSearcher even before you purchase the program.  You don't have much to lose while you check it out.  If you will just get TeamViewer at then I can connect to you and load all these modules to your computer for use in SwordSearcher and you can check out the Internet Sermons module.  I can periodically replace the IS Module on this site and if you will join my YahooGroups site at you can get updates every time I upload new sermons to the internet anywhere or you can notify me at and I can add you to an email list where I notify people of these sermons also.
I'm considering putting all these Internet Sermons SwordSearcher links into a free software program "TheWord" - that is, if anyone lets me know that they want it put there.